Black people, white people, bullshit people.

11 Jun

My thoughts on the black-white debate:

Strictly speaking, nobody is white – or black. As a painter, I learned that the color of snow or salt or my Persian cat is white. White people are beige, cream, orange, pinkish, or various shades and hues of brown. The latter also goes for black people. They’re brown, because if a non-human object with the same color as their skin were described, the word used would be brown, not black.
They say I’m white but if you were to ask for a dress in the color of my skin, “White” wouldn’t get you what you want. Asians aren’t yellow, lemons are. Black, strictly speaking, is the color of a vinyl record or the better part of a Rottweiler.

So weird that brown, cream, and orange surfaces, when they’re human, are described as the extremes, black and white, when they’re neither – by definition of the color. Basically, the whole black-vs-white discussion is bullshit because the only black thing about a black person, is the hair and the only white thing about a white person, if they’re lucky, are the teeth.

You could go the whole scale of “black” to “white” skin colors in a cup of coffee. A thick coffee with no milk would be considered black, while, held against the light, you can clearly see it’s an intense brown. With each drop of milk, the coffee becomes lighter, covering all the shades from a Massai warrior over Obama all the way down to the sun-fearing ginger kid. The max lightening you’d get though, is off-white or light beige, perhaps with a pinkish hue, but never pure white. All shades of coffee will always be some degree of brown, and the same goes for skin. There are no black or white people, only brown ones.


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