Thoughts during a Root Canal

2 Sep

They lay you down, flash a light in your face and shoot water down your mouth whether you like it or not. The noise of the machines blurs your senses.
OMG. Waterboarding. Sensory deprivation. A general concept of helplessness and practice of torture. Scary instruments. This is GUANTAAAAAAAnamo Bay!!!!

As my body lies here broken,
And I’m carried to the light…
-Hollywood Undead
Yeah, as I lie here with my broken teeth and a light is shining in my face, I feel like SCAVA was written for me, including the “Just let me die!” part.

The drilling and sledgehammering of the construction workers outside isn’t helping.

Last time a guy bent over me this close, he kissed me, not shot a fluid up a to-be root canal. Actually I’m not even thinking of the actual last guy to lean in and kiss me, which was my brother, but of the third-to-last guy AND OH MY GOD I MISS HIM SO MUCH.

Poor Bluefur to watch her sister get hit by a car just after she’d had a kitten, and now Bluefur’s blaming herself, and what about Snowfur’s orphaned kitten?

Oh God I just remembered something funny, I think I’m gonna shake with laughter and get that needle up my gums, my cat died, my cat died, my cat died, my cat died…

…I think I have ADHD. Salad.


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