I don’t understand…

23 May

…some people and their choices of behavior. Why do some adults feel compelled to stalk, slander, and bully others on the net? I can see how insecure children and teens may see the temptation in that, but adults? Unless there’s money or a personal vendetta involved, I do not get it. There is this Toni Howell girl for example, who is a complete psycho. Every time I blacklist a shady, dishonest, abusive, or otherwise crappy business on a Facebook group, she will go out of her way to inform me that I am a waste of life.

First, she got all up in my face because I complained about an online supermarket lying to their customers as to what methods of payment they accept. This resulted in my order not being delivered, despite confirmation. She decides that my complaint – about lies and outdated information – indicates that I’m a “spoilt brat”. I had ordered bottled water since the tap water in my building is very bad for you. Now I’m a spoilt brat for not wanting to be sick and calcified at my young age. Okay.

Next, there was a discussion on the same group about, uh, I think it was noise. I don’t remember exactly, but it lead me to share the anecdote of how I handled noise pollution from a neighbor who could not be reasoned with (when I’d asked him to turn down the volume after I had already lost my job because of the noise he had been making for months – he called me a whore). I got him to threaten me, so I called police because I was being threatened. When they arrived, I had gotten my face all red with crocodile tears, bleating that I was so scared. So Toni, the bimbo without pants, decides to call me a liar and threaten – yes, she did – to tell police that I had just admitted to a false claim to get a man arrested. What? When? When did I lie to the cops to get that neighbor arrested? Every word I said about him having threatened me after I yelled at him for his noise, was true. I may have exaggerated my reaction (the crocodile tears), but degree of emotion does not dictate degree of truth. Many people overreact, be it for emotional issues or on purpose. That makes the initial offense no less real. I never got the man arrested on false claims. He did threaten me. He just didn’t really scare, only slightly concern, me. That makes his threats no less of an offense. Which makes his arrest no less justified. Hence, I am no liar.

Now this psycho came at me again. This time I complained about a mover ripping me off by asking for several hundred Shekels more than initially agreed upon, while holding my belongings hostage. I mentioned him risking the integrity of an expensive piece of photography equipment. Also that I am currently struggling with money, so I needed a cheap one. So she’s like, “Oh she can’t afford expensive movers, but owns expensive equipment, she deserves to be ripped off for being a spoilt brat”. I would like to know how, if I were indeed a spoilt brat, I would deserve to be robbed, ripped off, and otherwise abused by business partners. Is being spoilt, a crime one deserves punishment for? Since her exact words were that I deserve everything I get, would I deserve to get gang-raped and infected with HIV, because in her opinion I’m a spoilt brat? Because being spoilt is a crime against humanity?


Why do people act that way? Why do they speak ill logic, why do they reach absurd conclusions, why do they do so with the intent of harming or “punishing” a complete stranger who has never wronged them for not even knowing them until they started their harassment campaign? Someone please explain. Oh, right, because, psychopaths. Eew.


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