About that propaganda clip

3 Jul

Some pasty foreign and less-than-involved graduate thinking he should speak for the entire Middle East, has made a propaganda video that really can’t be any more one-sided than this and it’s the exact Israeli version of blame-the-Jews Palestinian propaganda.

1. At about 0:56 and 1:00 of the clip, we see that foreign entities divide land that isn’t theirs to divide, without actual consent from its inhabitants (both Jews and Muslims). The Arab part (red) can be seen shrinking. One well-documented, but also well-silenced reason for that is David Ben Gurion having non-Jewish Arabs deported by force, from land they have called their home for generations. It is true that the state founders accepted the initial partition. But only because they knew how to undermine it. The answer is really in the first mention of chronology: the conflict started in 1947. Yes, because before foreign forces marched in and declared exclusive rights to the land, Jews and Muslims got along just fine in the unestablished, unofficial, but peaceful land they called Palestine. Had this land be “owned” by local Jews only, and not been invaded with the same brutality that Spaniards and Brits invaded America, there had not been a “sudden” surge of mutual hatred. It is simply a matter of reason that Europeans, Russians, and Americans have no business entering the Middle East to declare part of it their home. And since the majority of Jews in power are these foreigners, of course we ALL look bad.

2. Given the facts in point 1., the Muslim anger towards the state of Israel is unsurprising. Another reason for this anger is because what Israel, during its foundation, has done to preserve a victim role and hence, call anything it does, “defense”. Pogroms in surrounding Arab countries have been staged, Muslims framed, by Ben Gurion and the Hagana and the Mossad, to make Jews flee to Israel. Obviously this teaches Muslims one thing only: Zionism is bad news.

3. It doesn’t matter that “most Arabs” (how is this conclusion reached, other than by listening to political leaders who say whatever they feel like, and not always in the name of their people?) don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist. As long as this feeling isn’t acted on, it’s just a feeling, just as I don’t recognize the right to exist of rapists, bullies, burglars, and political or religious extremists. By thinking this way, I do no harm. I may be an asshole. Definitely do I offend sensitivities, but I do no harm. The same is true for those Arabs. They are harmless assholes. They get to hate us. Everyone gets to feel anything and get away with it as long as they don’t act on these feelings. And large parts of the Zionist Israeli public also hate Arabs. How is that better?

4. Israel’s attempts at peace have been half-assed and temporary at best. Any Muslim aggression is countered with excessive force/overkill/disproportionate action. 12 rockets from Gaza, no dead, resulting in an IAF airstrikes on populated places..? How is that appropriate? Oh right, “Hamas puts civilians in the line of fire”… But isn’t Israel ever so very strong and morally superior to all of the Middle East? Don’t these characteristics preclude going ahead with those strikes anyway and blaming Hamas if any innocent people get hurt?
Israel also has a history of rejecting peace offers so that Israel itself will have no peace, resulting in Israel “having the right” to continue to throw its weight around. Egypt has repeatedly offered peace to David Ben Gurion, who repeatedly failed to respond, or responded negatively, so that he could continue to treat Egypt as an enemy. If you can treat someone as your enemy, you can hurt them, conquer them, and frame them.

These are absolute historical facts that can be researched. I doubt Muslims have killed as many Israeli Jews as when OUR government made sure to doom the Pisces, a ship full of Jewish refugees, so that he can continue to justify uprooting and deporting Arabs to make room for Jewish refugees “who aren’t safe anywhere”. My own family was bombed out of Iraq; only later it was found that these bombings were performed by Israeli agents on one hand, and Muslims angered by the deliberate misrepresentation of Jews by British, Gurkha, and Zionist collaborators, on the other hand.

Also, Nasser’s 1967 announcement is a misrepresentation of his stance. Nasser REPEATEDLY reached out to Ben Gurion, who repeatedly told him to sod off. Nasser saw that this was not a governor to be reasoned with, hence, well, what do you want the man to do? Further reading on why Nasser decided Israel only understood force: http://uprootedpalestinians.blogspot.co.il/2009/04/interview-naeim-giladi-author-of-jews.html

As for Hamas, that’s a monster Israel created and lost control over: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB123275572295011847

It can be concluded that Muslim extremists, as extremists anywhere of any conviction, are a significant part of the problem, but Israel can NOT be excused from contributing to the problem actively and excessively. Take a walk around the flea market in Haifa and tell me: why are houses that look like they used to be glorious, deserted and falling apart? Who lived in there? I’ll tell you who. Arabs, hundreds of thousands of whom were forcefully removed for the sake of founding an all-Jewish state. Had Jews lived in there, and had these houses just been destroyed by Muslim missiles, they would have been rebuilt. But entire streets are deserted and in ruins. This state was not built on deserted land.
Our innocent children may be paying the price, but our leaders have done their utmost to put our children, and Arab children, in harm’s way by claiming claimed land by force, leaving many natives outside the “borders” of what used to be their home.


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