Rape “Survivors”

22 Oct

I think rapists need to be burned alive. But so do people who overrate fucking everything. Neighbor smiled at you? “Oh my gosh, she’s so amazing!”.


Can some people please stop being dramatic and full of themselves by calling themselves rape “survivors” unless their assailant tried to kill them? Not dying after a not inherently or likely lethal ordeal, isn’t an accomplishment. Neither is not going mad and trying to kill yourself when someone else is the one who needs to be killed. Cancer is something you “survive”, war is, terrorist attacks, ebola, and horrible traffic accidents, but sex, rape or consensual, rarely kills unless the rapist wants you silenced or gives you HIV or an ectopic pregnancy decaying away to poison your blood. Stop being bombastic about it. If you need to make your having a pulse after a non-lethal sexual assault, into you being some epic accomplisher, then I envy you because you must feel so accomplished every time you survive crossing the road – a far more lethal activity than getting sexually assaulted.


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