Food insecurity is not a future concern.

19 Jun

Israeli startup takes a bold step forward in dealing with world food shortages. Food insecurity is a major global concern for our growing planet. Research shows that by 2050, the world will have to produce 50 percent more food to feed Earth’s population.

Some Idiot on Facebook.

That’s adorable. “Earth’s population” is not being fed as it is, and the part that is being fed, has nothing to worry about for the foreseeable future.

It’s adorable people worry that 7+ billion people cannot be reliably fed in the near future. Why are there over-eating morbidly obese people in huge quantities, I ask you, if we have a shortage problem? There is no fucking shortage of food. There won’t be for a long time. There is a fucking shortage of sensible distribution, because sensible food distribution would require food to cost less or, in some places and cases, nothing in order to feed more people.

Food is already being overproduced and thrown away by literally millions of tons per (developed) country, per year. If people are still starving, it’s because you’re not allowed to live on this planet unless you have a full wallet. If food were produced responsibly and distributed affordably/fairly, we could feed 7 to 10 billion people so fat we could then butcher and eat them, too. Rainforests are destroyed for cattle and soy, most of which will never be consumed because funding encourages overproduction. Funding encourages unbalanced import and export strategies, where locally grown food becomes more expensive than imported stuff, local growers starve, and Nestlé needs to blow another crater to hoard their money in.

This startup’s vertically grown food will not solve world hunger, because it’s a profitable asset, and assets are never mass-produced or painstakingly innovated, only to end up cheaply sold or even given, to the poor.

Drop the fucking halo.

You won’t be feeding anyone other than those who already have, and likely continue to have, more than enough, because money. Just like Truvada, PEP, and condoms are not being made freely available in sufficient quantities in HIV hot spots, because, God forbid one misses out on a profit from one more dick sleeve rather than giving it to some Kenyan to stop him from spreading death to 1000 more people by proxy.

Food insecurity has always been a major concern for millions of people. It will continue to be, because their problem could’ve been fixed a million times over were there such a thing as justice and compassion among those who have all the money and all the food to feed the world – and there are those people, except they don’t have those qualities. Because, compassion and justice don’t buy you no yacht.

Food insecurity is present; it’s called the Third World. Unless you plan on making them a priority, you’re not really impressing anyone. Wanna revolutionize the food industry? Feed a country or two full of sick, illiterate, unmodern, useless black or brown people.

Food insecurity is not a future concern. It’s a current mass murderer and we’re all enabling it.


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