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Dead Baby Parts for Sale

29 Jul

These idiot pro-lifers yapping about Planned Parenthood illegally selling dead baby parts without the poor, poor mothers’ consent… I don’t know if it’s legal; the information here is conflicting all over the internet, but let’s switch off our Jesus and switch on our Brains for a sec:

1. When you consent to an abortion, you are effectively and willingly killing your baby. Circumstances are irrelevant.

2. Killing your baby is discarding both it, and your motherhood and thus, your rights as a mother.

3. Discarding your baby and your motherhood, is like throwing a bottle in the trash. You do not get to bitch about someone else fishing it out and doing whatever with it. You should be glad it wasn’t a complete waste.

4. You consented to the death of your baby, do you really get to oppose the idea of that wasted life being used to improve or save lives by being sold or donated to science or medicine?

5. Legal shmegal. The mom wants the baby dead, and science and medicine are doing a lot of good, so illegally or not, those forwarded baby parts can be a great contribution to progress we will all benefit from. Many things in medicine are illegal, while they would save so many lives. Illegal isn’t always the same as unethical, and often the opposite. It is illegal to hand out prescription meds to people without a prescription, but what if they have no money or no time to get one, and are suffering horribly? I remember being unable to walk on with the debilitating pain of a cystitis no doctor took seriously – bless the pharmacist who let me beg him into giving me the strongest RX drug. Euthanasia is often illegal – let the poor person suffer a prolonged inevitability? Lock’em up when they try it themselves? Medicinal or freely procured marijuana is often illegal, while the healthiest AND most effective choice for many sufferers of horrible pain. Fuck your legal.

I don’t care how you got pregnant, or why you want to terminate. I am pro-choice and you can sleep around and abort around as much as you like; I only oppose late-term abortion in many circumstances for obvious reasons. Unless carrying to term endangers the mother’s life, and so on. Yada yada, irrelevant to this specific post.
But once gotten rid of, it is no longer yours. You no longer have rights to it unless you demand otherwise up front, like “Put it in a jar for me”. Why would you be fine with your baby being crammed in a trashbag, but not with making the best of it? Seriously, some people…

Open Letter to Angela Merkel

17 Jul

Open Letter to Angela Merkel concerning Reem, the Palestinian refugee who was told to her face that she’s gonna be deported back to her filthy, starving, shitty-ass Lebanese refugee camp.

Dear Mrs Merkel,

I saw the broadcast with the Palestinian refugee girl, and her plight has touched me very much. She is not “from Lebanon”, she is from Israel, Palestine, whatever you call it, where my government and my army, my taxes, and the vote of my people, have seen her family uprooted and removed. Once ISIS takes root there, may God have mercy on them, and God has left the region, so…

Germany has room. Germany has room for cinemas and malls, but not for a dignified refugee home? And employment? There is employment, there is even the option of working for foreign employers through the Internet.

If you still “must” deport Reem and her family, I implore you to negotiate their return to Isreal. Theirs and that of other Palestinian refugees. Born here = entitled to live here. It should be that simple. We, this disgustingly embarassing country of “acceptance and equality”, are to blame for their plight. Our moneys, misinvested in military, settlements, and propaganda, are to blame. Our numbskulled Netanyahu-voting majority is to blame. The unending incitement against Arabs is to blame. Israel owes these people asylum, and it owes Reem a spot in college. If I still have any aliyah privileges, which I got by being a Jewish re-immigrant rather than an Arab native, and if they are transferable – Reem can have them.

But I want Israel to pay for their plight. I want that Israel, Germany’s pampered protegé, to answer for not giving some of its natives little to no chance to lead a fulfilling life because they’re not Jewish. Jews are paid to leave their good lives abroad and come to Israel, while Arab natives are pushed back and oppressed, and yes, removed.


If anything, the Holocaust guilt should sensitize you to all oppressed human beings, not just to Jews. The Holocaust was not essentially about Jews, essentially, it was about all those it hurt: those ridiculously and helplessly proclaimed an enemy of a nation so strong it insults itself for fearing those minorities. There are as many Arab terrorists, as there are Jewish rapists. If not, fewer. Stop tolerating Israel’s pathetic excuses, hold Israel accountable, and give us sanctions worthy of their name, for fuck’s sake.

And get this child a home. It is illegal in Germany to abandon one’s dog. But Germany gets to abandon thousands of people to certain death, or miserable lives. Think about it tonight, and the next, and the night after that.

Anna Giladi

Dear Tumblr, NO.

17 Jul

11376501_883049091760910_1866599960_nI was told I was harsh and had a stick up my arse with a stick up its arse, to describe a certain type of Tumblr user as an utter brain amputee for their increasing tendency to write without punctuation or in all caps, on purpose, apparently in an attempt to sound urgent or excited. I guess authors of bestsellers have all bought and fellacio’ed their way to the top with all their periods and commas. I get it on Twitter. There, it is almost an art to maim your message so it’ll fit within the character limit, while still keeping it legible. But Tumblr? Oh, so those are kids. So was I when I won that short story competition at age 5, in my third goddamn language (English).

Is it harsh to cringe at how low the use of language has fallen? It seems too obvious that books are losing relevance with all the Netflix and what-have-you, while it’s known that reading books, not staring at a screen, enhances intelligence. And intelligence is what makes us homo SAPIENS, man of thought, and elevates us from Neanderthals. So allowing your intelligence to wither by not reading or otherwise minding your language (use and perception), basically equates the desire, or the acceptance, to rewrite humanity to the level of aforementioned apes.
Mind you, I am not putting down people with legitimate mental deficits. What the people my beef is with, are doing, is deliberately rotting their brains. Like you can’t help cursing when you have tourettes, but don’t get to call people names when you can help it.

Seriously, this isn’t cute, it isn’t funny, it isn’t deep, it isn’t special, and it isn’t edgy. It’s cringeworthy. Hell, try writing an SAT essay that way and see if any university worth it salt wants you.

Beyond intelligence, language is everything. Calling 911 won’t save you from impending death if you don’t manage to express yourself. The very act of dialling, is language. Language is what happens between people even when they don’tspeak, and still know all they need about their relationship. Language is basically what keeps us alive, because a mute baby is a starving one. Language is what gets life-saving meds out there. Language is how we learned of electricity and plumbing upon their invention. An air raid siren is language. So don’t tell me not to judge people for not worshipping and polishing LANGUAGE when they are neither dyslexic, nor otherwise excempt from responsibility.

Some say, “OMG it’s just casual writing vs. formal writing!”. This is me writing casually. I do not see the issue in not looking like a professional dodger of coat hangers. When you dress “casually”, do you wear your skid-marked undies, 20 weeks unwashed shirt, and moth-eaten pants? No? Why write casually on that exact same level?

Am I being a language Nazi, or is it really going to sh..?