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So non-Jews should fuck off.

12 Aug

To the person who told me I can piss right off my own birthland where her entitled voluntarily immigrated ass is throwing its obscene weight around, and to anyone who identifies with her attitude:

Aren’t you one bigoted dripping cunt, disparaging non-Jewish people who live, work, serve, pay taxes and otherwise contribute to the society you want to thrive in… I’m sure you’re happy your sacred chosen people usually aren’t the ones shoveling shit in the sewers you want clean for your ass to shit in. What would you do without Arabs and Sudanese? Shit in flower pots and smash a tomato tree on it, that’s what.

Judging by your age I’m afraid it’s too late to ask you not to breed. You’re an immigrant and think you got a bigger claim on the land I and countless other non-Jewish people are BORN on, that’s ridiculous. YOU can leave, we can not. You could’ve stayed where you were, we were never anywhere else.

So please stop confusing your asshole for your mouth, you fascist, racist, bigoted, hate-filled human sewer.

Apples and Pears are not Strawberries

11 Aug
A word of advice in dealing with cultural differences summarized in the 2 concepts of “Rudeness” and “Civilized/Primitive”. Because these are recurring complaints. There’s one very easy way to stop suffering from those things: not comparing to foreign standards.
These 2 concepts are invalid ways to judge a foreign culture. My advice lies in the answers to why I am calling them invalid.
Referring to Israelis as rude and judging us by how civilized or primitive we are – especially referring to Mizrachim and Arabs – boils down to you judging us by where you come from. You’re mice judging hamsters as having too short a tail.
Manners/mentality and the civilization/primitiveness of a people are dependent on culture, ie. country, especially the perception of those factors! They are different everywhere:
Japan – it’s rude to eat while walking and to refresh your lipstick on the subway. But pushing you in the back to stuff you on an overcrowded train, that’s totally okay and so is your boss putting you down as a person rather than an employee. Polite sentences often end in a “…but” so you can allow for the other person to feel okay with disagreeing. As in “But that’s just me”. Often they apologzie for so much as receiving a basic service or being asked to move out of the way. To me, all that politeness and apologizing seems ridiculous but it’s natural to the Japanese.
Arab world – better not greet people with your left hand. Who of you (non-Arabs) cares what hand you’re greeted with? I mean, we do a lot of “icky” stuff with both hands other than wiping our butts with our left…
Germany, many parts of the usa – God forbid you use sarcasm.
France, England – good table manners are everything, while I think food is to be eaten, not shown off, and not licking the plate clean is a waste of good sauce.
Western world – no eating moist meals with your fingers. Sri Lanka? Totally cool.
Most of Europe – it’s considered nice to smile at your face and sneer at your back. Honestly? I’ll take a fist in the face over all that fake niceness any day.
usa – terms of endearment towards non-dear people are often NOT considered condescending while I want to roundhouse-kick any stranger calling me “honey” because I feel patronized 99% of the time.
Belgium, France – first meetings are often done with a real or fake peck on the cheek. I freaked out when this first happened to me because where I come from, you don’t kiss strangers.
Much of Europe – any degree of assertiveness without “Um excuse me, might I” tends to be considered rude while I believe getting to the point without wasting breath and time is a great courtesy. Why waste a cashier’s time with “Um and I would please like the dead cat cologne please if you don’t mind” if you can say “And the dead cat spray”? Or even worse, when people consider a simple “No” rude and prefer a huge beating around the bush, excuses, “Umm”, “I’ll think about it”, and apologetic grimaces. What’s wrong with “No”? People have been so offended when I replied with those 2 letters to requests to draw them something…
Many parts of Africa – I’ve known Africans to be relatively loud, lively, and move-abouty. Most Europeans I’ve observed, prefer to avoid drawing attention to themselves, and consider overt liveliness in adults “primitive”.
Japan – tattoos are considered a sign of delinquency while in Israel, every other banker has some ink on their body. Don’t get me started on bleaching your hair, though that might be outdated.
Arab and African world, India – I can’t look at an African man just in order to acknowledge his presence, without him thinking I want him to ask for my number. This is a typically African, Indian, and Arab thing in my experience, and probably totally normal to them.
Muslim world – up to four wives. Most of the West frowns upon this, while there shouldn’t be anything wrong with polygamy if all partners are treated well. I wouldn’t mind being in one. Having 3 experts on gossip about my man, sounds awesome. And whenever I got a headache I can tell him to ask the other one.
Arab world – livestock for wives, but seriously, how is that any worse than Jewish weddings where people aren’t invited unless they bring a cash envelope, or those families deciding for their daughter that only a wealthy man is acceptable?
Fact: we judge other cultures on how primitive, civilized, or rude they are, by the standards of the culture WE grew up in. But why should one culture live or be judged by the standards of another? Which culture is right, which is wrong? No culture needs to care about how well it fits the standards of another, because why would the standard of culture A apply to culture B? Makes no sense!
Same goes for “primitive vs. civilized”. Most of the time, these judgments are passed by white people on “cultures of color”. Well, but… You got your white culture, and you got your black, brown, green culture..? How does one get to judge the other by its own standards? What makes white culture better or more desirable, when clearly, many cultures don’t care to attain it? Why do so many white people think that they should? Why should black women relax their hair, why should Arab men be less macho, why should south american tribesmen not have loud dances in the forest rather than get drunk at some club until they need a cab?
A culture would be neither primitive nor civilized if it weren’t judged by such standards which are largely White West concepts. The night isn’t black. We call it that because we perceive it that way from our own point of view. A dog’s smell is only unpleasant when a person sensitive to it, sniffs it. The dog himself, more often than not, doesn’t mind. Hell, homosexuality would never have been considered “wrong” if too big a bunch of people didn’t screech it was – another judgment of none-of-your-business, just as black culture is not white culture’s to judge. Are green beans really disgusting, or only by my individual judgment? And is a size 6 really huge, or is it just too big for your size 4 butt? Either get a size 4 pair of pants, or stop complaining that your butt keeps showing in the size 6. A German Shepherd is huge when you ask a Chihuahua, and tiny when you ask a Great Dane. Only compared to other German Shepherds can you neutrally say whether he’s big or small (compared to his breed’s average).
There would be nothing wrong with being “uncivilized”, “primitive” or “not modern” if there weren’t a bunch of people saying it’s wrong. There would be no “uncivilized”, “primitive” or “civilized” without people clinging to the concepts. But what validity has the judgment of a Frenchman when he’s addressing Africans? Why should those Africans strive to meet French standards? Those concepts are MADE UP. Oh so we have gadgets and burocracy and formalities… so civilized, so impressive and great… Ew, look at that person all happy sitting on their sheep skin in a tent in the savannah and eating a roasted turtle, let’s judge them and throw a Bible, a bottle of whiskey, a computer, and some literature at them because THAT is the right way to be a human!
Now apply to Israel. We Israelis may be rude for american standards. But most are not for Israeli standards. Now why would american standards matter anywhere outside america, and likewise, who should care about Israeli standards outside of Israel? Stop judging us by the norms of your country of origin and you’ll feel a lot less bothered. You will also be able to tell truly rude Israelis from regular Israelis who would be rude only by foreign (non-applicable) standards.

I believe the concepts of civilized/primitive are overrated. We all just want to live they way we, by our own individual and cultural standards, believe is best. If nobody gets hurt, why not let each one of us?

Trust me, it helps not to judge apples by pears.