People say I’m angry and full of hate. Scrap that, Germans and Americans say that, and they are respectively known for forced (phony) tolerance, and inappropriate happiness (as in, easily amused) and excessive smiling. I value the gift, no, the hard-earned state of cynicism that allows me to move away from either black (negative) or white (positive) views, and embrace the vast arrays of grays, allowing me to love or reject things for what they are rather than what my overly happy or overly gloomy mind wants me to see.

Neutrality does not exist, so obviously I, too, am biased to a point. Just not to the point where I’m uninterested in thinking things through beyond my initial idea.

And if I’m angry, rather than judging me for it, think about why I’m agry, what made me angry, and if perhaps it is cause for change.

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