The Middle East Inversion

10 Nov

Last Saturday’s new episode of Doctor Who, now featuring the 12th incarnation of the lone and loved Timelord, drove a bulldozer from the last demolished Palestinian home right through my chest. If you live in a peaceful, stable nation that merely exports weapons to less stable nations and cashes in on the death and destruction they sow, you may have seen just another profound speech by a fictional TV icon, on a fictional war.

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is pointing at us.

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is pointing at us.

When you live in Israel, or across the fence, the wall, the checkpost, you have seen your people and those on the other side. You’ve seen youngsters throwing rocks and firebombs at soldiers and settlers, and you’ve seen soldiers shoot those kids, you’ve seen settlers attacking soldiers for failing to shoot and kill those kids, you’ve seen those kids’ parents drive into a crowd or stab a passer-by. You’ve seen bulldozers razing the homes of a terrorist’s family – not the terrorist’s home – and you’ve seen crowds shouting for bloody revenge.
And if you’re not completely jaded to what’s happening all around you, a bus ride from your doorstep at most, it hurt. It hurt having the Doctor pointing at you, your people, your government, your friend with that army-issued rifle or that home-made firebomb. Your cousin who takes the order to bulldoze the home of a terrorist’s mother, when nowhere else in the civilized world, family would be punished for their kin’s deeds. Your brother driving that borrowed car into a flock of children.

But while you may know those who do the deed – the Israeli soldiers, settlers, bulldozer drivers, the Palestinian stabbers, bombers, road ragers – you never know who they’ll hit. Does it feel right to know it’s none on your side? Or do you just feel numb, knowing at least you won’t be mourning anyone, for now? Is it not being someone from your side, good enough to sleep at night, knowing a person you know, is destroying a family who is also a person someone knows, someone loves?

Truth: You don’t know who the next Naftali Frenkel or Muhammad Abu Khdeir is going to be. You don’t know. But someone is going to die at someone else’s hand.

Consequence: This will never bring us peace. This will never free Palestine, this will never give the Jewish people a rest. You can’t expect people not to retaliate against perceived wrongs, much less when those wrongs precede a funeral. The consequence will be more death, and if one of yours has killed one of theirs, then one of yours will die. It will always be this way unless someone starts forgiving.

Two days ago, I was shopping cat food at my pet shop. The staff and I were having pizza and a laugh when the new girl got a call. There was some agitated talk in Russian, and I was just going to do an impression of angry Russian speech, when she hung up, and, staring blankly ahead, said: “My friend died.” The 20-year-old border guard, Binyamin Yakobowitz, who looks like 14 in Haaretz’s article, had been the “someone I know” of “someone I know”. You may just cringe, make a sad face, even feel a stab in your chest when you read names of casualties on your side, but you don’t know them, so you mourn them as you would Heath Ledger. Somehow you keep telling yourself: it’s never gonna be anyone I know. Yes, my friend at the pet shop told herself the same, I’m sure. Most Palestinians, those who hate Israelis, but abhorr violence, don’t want youths going out to attack soldiers or civilians, they hate hearing someone from their neighborhood has committed an attack. Not just because they know someone who isn’t the perpetrator, will suffer for the actions of the latter, but also because they might one day find themselves too close to the Israeli retaliation squad. However, they reall start internalizing how bad these attacks are, when it’s their own flesh and blood who eats retaliation. They, like us, tell themselves it’s never them, always the others. It’s always the others’ fault, and it’s always the others’ losses.


We are all the others. And we never know who’ll be mourning whom next. But what we all must internalise, is that the mourning will continue, and one day hit too close for comfort, unless either of us, any of us, stop making others mourn.


Not that again

7 Nov

In response to this lady’s typical one-sided tirade about only Muslims being horrible for following a questionable leader…

She’s raised a Muslim in the Middle East? She says so, but I see she didn’t keep an accent. And even if she is, she’s one person with a clearly very one-sided view. Being of a culture doesn’t mean you have an objective view on it. If a Christian girl tries to convince you that all Christians are horrible because she had a mother like Carrie’s and went to virginity balls and had creepy pictures taken with her dad, will you declare her a credible source on Christianity? One needs to look at a culture from a point of view much broader than one individual’s questionable testimony. Her profile also smacks of radicalism, though not Islamic. “It’s them or us” is the most paranoid, violence-excusing phrase one could think of. She’s the pot calling the kettle black. Everything Mohammed did wrong, people of all creeds do wrong to this day except slavery because that’s mostly dealt with.

She’ll paint all Muslims with the same broad brush because of their prophet, while the absolute and undeniable reality is that people of all religions believe and practice to different degrees and only few do to an extreme that could be cause for concern. That is why it’s called extremism.

We could apply the same arguments – “your prophet was a jerk” – to other religions. I mean, a father who’s willing to stab his son because his God says so? Jesus letting himself be tortured to death instead of saving himself and his followers from persecution by lying? Or celebrating people having their babies killed, gloating about it in songs at he dinner table, when one could just celebrate the liberation without all the horrors that befell the captors and their innocent families? We could make all religions look very, very horrible by focusing on only the bad stuff. Crusades…

As for the rapist part. When did Islam start? Back when rape wasn’t a huge crime and neither was pedophilia which, by the way, is also found in fundamentalistic Christian communities, and outside of religious frameworks. Let’s take a moment to be ashamed of modern society for around when spousal rape was finally outlawed. But Muslims are savages for following a prophet who was a rapist when it wasn’t culturally considered a big deal, and when they do not actually emulate his actions? And mass murderer? Every leader who has led his country into a war that killed significant numbers of innocent people, is right up there with Mohammed.
Liar, cheater, thief? Most of us are. Everyone who’s illegally downloaded, is a thief. Millions cheat on tests. EVERYBODY LIES. Adultery? Have a gander at how many non-Muslim married people cheat. And sex slaves? All those white Christian and Atheist men fuelling Asian child prostitution…. And speaking of slavery, again, Mohammed was 1000+ years ago, black slavery merrily celebrated by Christians is recent enough to still resonate within society in the shape of race dynamics.

Yes, the Qu’ran encourages many horrible things, but so does the Bible, where are the hate tirades and the fear mongering against Christians because while they don’t hurt anyone, they may believe in someone who has? Christians, too, are committing many atrocities to this day, but people see a cross and feel reassured, how can that be? The reason why Islam doesn’t scare me is because I have faith in human nature, which is the hypocrisy of picking and choosing what part of your religion you wish to represent with earnest conviction. MOST religious people including Muslims, will draw the line at violence. Yes, the book is brutal, no, the prophet wasn’t a nice guy, but as with any questionable religious passages, people conveniently skip them for the most part.
Actually, even in Muslim countries and communities, rape and violence has been largely outlawed. Palestinian girls go to parties and concerts unaccompanied and dressed as skimpy as Israeli girls, and they can, because just as Christian atrocities, Islamic atrocities are largely a thing of the past and not fit for our times. As everything else, Islam is subject to change and interpretation. Some take it too literally and go bomb people. Others, most, take what agrees with them and their social upbringing, and leave people alone.

Social upbringing is key. It’s always easy to radicalize or turn into a criminal, someone from a crappy background, religious or not. Brits have been recruited into radical Islam, without regular Islam as a gateway, and they were all from not-so-enviable environments. A Muslim raised in a decent setting is far less likely to become a violent Islamist because violence is the language of the desperate and the angry. Islam doesn’t make you angry, radical Islam recruits those who already are. Actually, many civil wars and conflicts among Muslims today have not started through religion, but religious nuts resulted from the frustration and hopelessness, and escalated or exploited the situation.
Why are so many Muslims fleeing for Europe? Because the Islamic extremists are not who they want to live under, because that is not what they believe in. Many of those who join, do under duress rather than conviction. Hell, I’d join if the alternative were a bullet in the head.
Muslims commit crimes under Mo’s name just like other creeds. All in the name of God or his spokesman, either as an excuse or out of fanaticism. Her singling out Islam is like a Christian nutter singling out gay people. Hitler was a Roman Catholic. If we were to condemn a culture, a people, a religion, over their (long dead) leader’s crap, there wouldn’t be much left to praise.

As for Jihad, she fails to consider that everything in religious books, whether the book allows it or not, is up to interpretation. Jihad means struggle, fight, but it can mean all sorts of personal struggles. It can mean hitting the treadmill and quitting smoking – and for the nutters it can mean to blow up a bus of unbelievers. But when she said, “You deserve anything that comes to you”, she pretty much showed us who the bad person is here, because if you deserve potentially horrible things just for believing something, well… I have a Muslim friend whose name is literally Islam. I’m sure he believes in Jihad. In terms of: stop brawling, quit smoking, start saving money. He believes in it and he practices it. So if some nutwing goes and stabs him for that, he deserves that? That is what this woman is suggesting, and that’s a very violent way of thinking… thoughts need to be free and wishing “everything that comes to you” on a person for their thoughts, is exactly what radical Islam would be all about. I love the irony of it and it’s so typical.

Anyway, exerting effort for the sake of Allah? Allah wants a lot of things, many of which good, others bad, but so do all gods. The Christian God threatens with Hell and floods and Armageddon for every wind you break, can’t even masturbate safely. How can you single out Allah’s wishes? How much murder has been and is being committed in the name of the Christian/Catholic god, how much hate is being spread? All these Gods ask a lot, and every believer will choose other things to fulfill. I think the picture sums it up that shows radical Islamists and the KKK next to each other and saying, “If this represents all Muslims, then this represents all Christians”.
She presents only a fraction of Islamic “commandments”. Another is to feed the needy. If you see bread left outside on walls etc. that’s mostly Muslims being Muslims. Every God wants everyone to adhere to his religion unquestioningly, and even Judaism, while not encouraging conversion, places significantly less value on people outside of that religion. Islam is not special in this aspect, either. Bullying people into conversion is an extremist action, and extremists are called that NOT because they’re common. Most don’t CARE what religion you are as long as you leave them alone. They may sneer at you, but isn’t that mutual?

And while Islam is not a race, it’s still dimwitted to say they’re all terrorists just because their religion endorses conditional violence. Most religions do.
And worshipping a man who has committed or ordered horrible acts, may be questionable, but it’s not a Muslim exclusive as I said. Bush was reelected. Hitler still has fans. Satan has a cult. And the 7 plagues that hit Egypt? Yeah, slavery is horrible, but killing everyone’s babies..? Not that I believe in the 7 plagues, but it still shouldn’t be the subject of happy dinner table songs.

It’s true that Islam is currently a major perpetrator of religious violence, but this is now, and Christians mustn’t forget what atrocities have brought them the powerful, influential position they have in the world today. One day, Islam will be in the past, so let’s not excuse Christianity for having bettered itself somewhat.
The biggest rapist, thief, and murderer is not Mohammed and not the average Muslim, it’s the male human on a global scale from New York to the Masaai Mara. We shouldn’t just focus on religion in regards to violence and hate. When we take religion out of the picture, we’ll see that it’s everywhere and it doesn’t take a Muslim to walk into a classroom with a gun.
She should check her country’s statistics and then run her mouth about what group is most violent in %. My money is on white males.

This woman is the prime example of what happens when you choose to only read and see what fits your belief system. She too is an extremist. She presents the subject in a very one-sided way for the sake of spreading a certain opinion of it. That’s extremist indoctrination at its finest.

Lastly, Italians aren’t a race either unless you’re gonna lump them in with other white people. They’re an ethnic group within whites. While ethnicity and race are often used interchangeably, strictly speaking, they are not the same. Making race about country, has been debunked when Hitler tried to declare Germans a race when half of Europe looked Aryan.

So non-Jews should fuck off.

12 Aug

To the person who told me I can piss right off my own birthland where her entitled voluntarily immigrated ass is throwing its obscene weight around, and to anyone who identifies with her attitude:

Aren’t you one bigoted dripping cunt, disparaging non-Jewish people who live, work, serve, pay taxes and otherwise contribute to the society you want to thrive in… I’m sure you’re happy your sacred chosen people usually aren’t the ones shoveling shit in the sewers you want clean for your ass to shit in. What would you do without Arabs and Sudanese? Shit in flower pots and smash a tomato tree on it, that’s what.

Judging by your age I’m afraid it’s too late to ask you not to breed. You’re an immigrant and think you got a bigger claim on the land I and countless other non-Jewish people are BORN on, that’s ridiculous. YOU can leave, we can not. You could’ve stayed where you were, we were never anywhere else.

So please stop confusing your asshole for your mouth, you fascist, racist, bigoted, hate-filled human sewer.

Apples and Pears are not Strawberries

11 Aug
A word of advice in dealing with cultural differences summarized in the 2 concepts of “Rudeness” and “Civilized/Primitive”. Because these are recurring complaints. There’s one very easy way to stop suffering from those things: not comparing to foreign standards.
These 2 concepts are invalid ways to judge a foreign culture. My advice lies in the answers to why I am calling them invalid.
Referring to Israelis as rude and judging us by how civilized or primitive we are – especially referring to Mizrachim and Arabs – boils down to you judging us by where you come from. You’re mice judging hamsters as having too short a tail.
Manners/mentality and the civilization/primitiveness of a people are dependent on culture, ie. country, especially the perception of those factors! They are different everywhere:
Japan – it’s rude to eat while walking and to refresh your lipstick on the subway. But pushing you in the back to stuff you on an overcrowded train, that’s totally okay and so is your boss putting you down as a person rather than an employee. Polite sentences often end in a “…but” so you can allow for the other person to feel okay with disagreeing. As in “But that’s just me”. Often they apologzie for so much as receiving a basic service or being asked to move out of the way. To me, all that politeness and apologizing seems ridiculous but it’s natural to the Japanese.
Arab world – better not greet people with your left hand. Who of you (non-Arabs) cares what hand you’re greeted with? I mean, we do a lot of “icky” stuff with both hands other than wiping our butts with our left…
Germany, many parts of the usa – God forbid you use sarcasm.
France, England – good table manners are everything, while I think food is to be eaten, not shown off, and not licking the plate clean is a waste of good sauce.
Western world – no eating moist meals with your fingers. Sri Lanka? Totally cool.
Most of Europe – it’s considered nice to smile at your face and sneer at your back. Honestly? I’ll take a fist in the face over all that fake niceness any day.
usa – terms of endearment towards non-dear people are often NOT considered condescending while I want to roundhouse-kick any stranger calling me “honey” because I feel patronized 99% of the time.
Belgium, France – first meetings are often done with a real or fake peck on the cheek. I freaked out when this first happened to me because where I come from, you don’t kiss strangers.
Much of Europe – any degree of assertiveness without “Um excuse me, might I” tends to be considered rude while I believe getting to the point without wasting breath and time is a great courtesy. Why waste a cashier’s time with “Um and I would please like the dead cat cologne please if you don’t mind” if you can say “And the dead cat spray”? Or even worse, when people consider a simple “No” rude and prefer a huge beating around the bush, excuses, “Umm”, “I’ll think about it”, and apologetic grimaces. What’s wrong with “No”? People have been so offended when I replied with those 2 letters to requests to draw them something…
Many parts of Africa – I’ve known Africans to be relatively loud, lively, and move-abouty. Most Europeans I’ve observed, prefer to avoid drawing attention to themselves, and consider overt liveliness in adults “primitive”.
Japan – tattoos are considered a sign of delinquency while in Israel, every other banker has some ink on their body. Don’t get me started on bleaching your hair, though that might be outdated.
Arab and African world, India – I can’t look at an African man just in order to acknowledge his presence, without him thinking I want him to ask for my number. This is a typically African, Indian, and Arab thing in my experience, and probably totally normal to them.
Muslim world – up to four wives. Most of the West frowns upon this, while there shouldn’t be anything wrong with polygamy if all partners are treated well. I wouldn’t mind being in one. Having 3 experts on gossip about my man, sounds awesome. And whenever I got a headache I can tell him to ask the other one.
Arab world – livestock for wives, but seriously, how is that any worse than Jewish weddings where people aren’t invited unless they bring a cash envelope, or those families deciding for their daughter that only a wealthy man is acceptable?
Fact: we judge other cultures on how primitive, civilized, or rude they are, by the standards of the culture WE grew up in. But why should one culture live or be judged by the standards of another? Which culture is right, which is wrong? No culture needs to care about how well it fits the standards of another, because why would the standard of culture A apply to culture B? Makes no sense!
Same goes for “primitive vs. civilized”. Most of the time, these judgments are passed by white people on “cultures of color”. Well, but… You got your white culture, and you got your black, brown, green culture..? How does one get to judge the other by its own standards? What makes white culture better or more desirable, when clearly, many cultures don’t care to attain it? Why do so many white people think that they should? Why should black women relax their hair, why should Arab men be less macho, why should south american tribesmen not have loud dances in the forest rather than get drunk at some club until they need a cab?
A culture would be neither primitive nor civilized if it weren’t judged by such standards which are largely White West concepts. The night isn’t black. We call it that because we perceive it that way from our own point of view. A dog’s smell is only unpleasant when a person sensitive to it, sniffs it. The dog himself, more often than not, doesn’t mind. Hell, homosexuality would never have been considered “wrong” if too big a bunch of people didn’t screech it was – another judgment of none-of-your-business, just as black culture is not white culture’s to judge. Are green beans really disgusting, or only by my individual judgment? And is a size 6 really huge, or is it just too big for your size 4 butt? Either get a size 4 pair of pants, or stop complaining that your butt keeps showing in the size 6. A German Shepherd is huge when you ask a Chihuahua, and tiny when you ask a Great Dane. Only compared to other German Shepherds can you neutrally say whether he’s big or small (compared to his breed’s average).
There would be nothing wrong with being “uncivilized”, “primitive” or “not modern” if there weren’t a bunch of people saying it’s wrong. There would be no “uncivilized”, “primitive” or “civilized” without people clinging to the concepts. But what validity has the judgment of a Frenchman when he’s addressing Africans? Why should those Africans strive to meet French standards? Those concepts are MADE UP. Oh so we have gadgets and burocracy and formalities… so civilized, so impressive and great… Ew, look at that person all happy sitting on their sheep skin in a tent in the savannah and eating a roasted turtle, let’s judge them and throw a Bible, a bottle of whiskey, a computer, and some literature at them because THAT is the right way to be a human!
Now apply to Israel. We Israelis may be rude for american standards. But most are not for Israeli standards. Now why would american standards matter anywhere outside america, and likewise, who should care about Israeli standards outside of Israel? Stop judging us by the norms of your country of origin and you’ll feel a lot less bothered. You will also be able to tell truly rude Israelis from regular Israelis who would be rude only by foreign (non-applicable) standards.

I believe the concepts of civilized/primitive are overrated. We all just want to live they way we, by our own individual and cultural standards, believe is best. If nobody gets hurt, why not let each one of us?

Trust me, it helps not to judge apples by pears.

Dead Baby Parts for Sale

29 Jul

These idiot pro-lifers yapping about Planned Parenthood illegally selling dead baby parts without the poor, poor mothers’ consent… I don’t know if it’s legal; the information here is conflicting all over the internet, but let’s switch off our Jesus and switch on our Brains for a sec:

1. When you consent to an abortion, you are effectively and willingly killing your baby. Circumstances are irrelevant.

2. Killing your baby is discarding both it, and your motherhood and thus, your rights as a mother.

3. Discarding your baby and your motherhood, is like throwing a bottle in the trash. You do not get to bitch about someone else fishing it out and doing whatever with it. You should be glad it wasn’t a complete waste.

4. You consented to the death of your baby, do you really get to oppose the idea of that wasted life being used to improve or save lives by being sold or donated to science or medicine?

5. Legal shmegal. The mom wants the baby dead, and science and medicine are doing a lot of good, so illegally or not, those forwarded baby parts can be a great contribution to progress we will all benefit from. Many things in medicine are illegal, while they would save so many lives. Illegal isn’t always the same as unethical, and often the opposite. It is illegal to hand out prescription meds to people without a prescription, but what if they have no money or no time to get one, and are suffering horribly? I remember being unable to walk on with the debilitating pain of a cystitis no doctor took seriously – bless the pharmacist who let me beg him into giving me the strongest RX drug. Euthanasia is often illegal – let the poor person suffer a prolonged inevitability? Lock’em up when they try it themselves? Medicinal or freely procured marijuana is often illegal, while the healthiest AND most effective choice for many sufferers of horrible pain. Fuck your legal.

I don’t care how you got pregnant, or why you want to terminate. I am pro-choice and you can sleep around and abort around as much as you like; I only oppose late-term abortion in many circumstances for obvious reasons. Unless carrying to term endangers the mother’s life, and so on. Yada yada, irrelevant to this specific post.
But once gotten rid of, it is no longer yours. You no longer have rights to it unless you demand otherwise up front, like “Put it in a jar for me”. Why would you be fine with your baby being crammed in a trashbag, but not with making the best of it? Seriously, some people…

Open Letter to Angela Merkel

17 Jul

Open Letter to Angela Merkel concerning Reem, the Palestinian refugee who was told to her face that she’s gonna be deported back to her filthy, starving, shitty-ass Lebanese refugee camp.

Dear Mrs Merkel,

I saw the broadcast with the Palestinian refugee girl, and her plight has touched me very much. She is not “from Lebanon”, she is from Israel, Palestine, whatever you call it, where my government and my army, my taxes, and the vote of my people, have seen her family uprooted and removed. Once ISIS takes root there, may God have mercy on them, and God has left the region, so…

Germany has room. Germany has room for cinemas and malls, but not for a dignified refugee home? And employment? There is employment, there is even the option of working for foreign employers through the Internet.

If you still “must” deport Reem and her family, I implore you to negotiate their return to Isreal. Theirs and that of other Palestinian refugees. Born here = entitled to live here. It should be that simple. We, this disgustingly embarassing country of “acceptance and equality”, are to blame for their plight. Our moneys, misinvested in military, settlements, and propaganda, are to blame. Our numbskulled Netanyahu-voting majority is to blame. The unending incitement against Arabs is to blame. Israel owes these people asylum, and it owes Reem a spot in college. If I still have any aliyah privileges, which I got by being a Jewish re-immigrant rather than an Arab native, and if they are transferable – Reem can have them.

But I want Israel to pay for their plight. I want that Israel, Germany’s pampered protegé, to answer for not giving some of its natives little to no chance to lead a fulfilling life because they’re not Jewish. Jews are paid to leave their good lives abroad and come to Israel, while Arab natives are pushed back and oppressed, and yes, removed.


If anything, the Holocaust guilt should sensitize you to all oppressed human beings, not just to Jews. The Holocaust was not essentially about Jews, essentially, it was about all those it hurt: those ridiculously and helplessly proclaimed an enemy of a nation so strong it insults itself for fearing those minorities. There are as many Arab terrorists, as there are Jewish rapists. If not, fewer. Stop tolerating Israel’s pathetic excuses, hold Israel accountable, and give us sanctions worthy of their name, for fuck’s sake.

And get this child a home. It is illegal in Germany to abandon one’s dog. But Germany gets to abandon thousands of people to certain death, or miserable lives. Think about it tonight, and the next, and the night after that.

Anna Giladi

Dear Tumblr, NO.

17 Jul

11376501_883049091760910_1866599960_nI was told I was harsh and had a stick up my arse with a stick up its arse, to describe a certain type of Tumblr user as an utter brain amputee for their increasing tendency to write without punctuation or in all caps, on purpose, apparently in an attempt to sound urgent or excited. I guess authors of bestsellers have all bought and fellacio’ed their way to the top with all their periods and commas. I get it on Twitter. There, it is almost an art to maim your message so it’ll fit within the character limit, while still keeping it legible. But Tumblr? Oh, so those are kids. So was I when I won that short story competition at age 5, in my third goddamn language (English).

Is it harsh to cringe at how low the use of language has fallen? It seems too obvious that books are losing relevance with all the Netflix and what-have-you, while it’s known that reading books, not staring at a screen, enhances intelligence. And intelligence is what makes us homo SAPIENS, man of thought, and elevates us from Neanderthals. So allowing your intelligence to wither by not reading or otherwise minding your language (use and perception), basically equates the desire, or the acceptance, to rewrite humanity to the level of aforementioned apes.
Mind you, I am not putting down people with legitimate mental deficits. What the people my beef is with, are doing, is deliberately rotting their brains. Like you can’t help cursing when you have tourettes, but don’t get to call people names when you can help it.

Seriously, this isn’t cute, it isn’t funny, it isn’t deep, it isn’t special, and it isn’t edgy. It’s cringeworthy. Hell, try writing an SAT essay that way and see if any university worth it salt wants you.

Beyond intelligence, language is everything. Calling 911 won’t save you from impending death if you don’t manage to express yourself. The very act of dialling, is language. Language is what happens between people even when they don’tspeak, and still know all they need about their relationship. Language is basically what keeps us alive, because a mute baby is a starving one. Language is what gets life-saving meds out there. Language is how we learned of electricity and plumbing upon their invention. An air raid siren is language. So don’t tell me not to judge people for not worshipping and polishing LANGUAGE when they are neither dyslexic, nor otherwise excempt from responsibility.

Some say, “OMG it’s just casual writing vs. formal writing!”. This is me writing casually. I do not see the issue in not looking like a professional dodger of coat hangers. When you dress “casually”, do you wear your skid-marked undies, 20 weeks unwashed shirt, and moth-eaten pants? No? Why write casually on that exact same level?

Am I being a language Nazi, or is it really going to sh..?