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Israel’s 2014 in Review

30 Dec

The year 2014 in Israel: same old, same old.

We’ve had one “major” (as in, involving more than one small town beyond the Green Line) “war” (as in, avenging a bitch slap with a chainsaw massacre), some 70 Israelis and 3000 Palestinians dead, many more homeless. A rather impressive 4000 rockets were fired into Israel. Ashkelon Beach kinda lost its attraction to me by an explosive 90%. Bada-BOOM-ah!

Three Jewish boys were killed by about as many Palestinian terrorists. As a results, hundreds of Palestinians, related or not, got harassed and abused by police, military, and other entities, and quite a few ended up homeless. None of them the culprit, but who cares.
In revenge, 6 Jews murdered a Palestinian child by burning him alive. They were arrested and investigated by the book, respectfully, with all the necessary insanity and other pleas to help them stay out of jail. No neighbors had their houses bulldozed or their asses beaten by police.
So the exchange rate in Israel has remained rather stable: 1 Jewish life is worth at least 50 Arab lives. I’m not just counting the lives literally lost in revenge for one another, but also those stripped of humanity, dignity, and not least of all, basic civil and human rights.
So yeah, one Jew buys you 50 Palestinians or more. I should get me a couple Jews. Need some house staff. 1 for the litter boxes, 1 for walking the dogs, 1 for general cleaning, 1 for the kitchen. Wait, I think one Jewish kidney will buy me that much.

What else… Ah yes, some 70 Israelis lost their lives. Most of them soldiers. Because as tragic as that is – and it sincerely strikes me with grief – Israelis don’t die in rocket barrages. They start dropping like flies once they enter Gaza to deliver payback for rockets most of which only cause property damage. For every Israeli killed by a rocket, 20 died in Gaza. Soldiers are not scarecrows. They are just as human and just as alive, and craving to stay so, as civilians. So why sacrifice even one soldier to protect one civilian, let alone 20 per capita? I’m not saying the barrages should be tolerated… But sending those kids in there on foot or in ground vehicles, uh…
Also, there are ways to stop the barrages that Israel hasn’t tried yet. After all, our “war” with the Palestinians is not a religious one. On neither side. The fact that they invoke Allah in their warfare, doesn’t change that fact. All fighters, terrorists, and soldiers, who believe in any God, turn to him in times of warfare and confrontations with death. Some may try to make this war religious, but in essence it is not. So what Israel might try, and hasn’t yet, is to allow the Gaza Strip to thrive to a degree the people can live with dignity and humanity. Hamas may abuse some funds, but that is only part of why Gazans are poor and angry. Now don’t give me “but we ship them food and materials”. Yeah, prisoners also get two or three meals a day, and electricity, yay them!
So, what is my suggestion? Let them construct, let them build an industry and an economy, and after thorough background checks, grant free passage to individuals and groups. Anyone who abuses this, can still be taken out. Also, enough with the collective punishments and excessive force. Treat Palestinians as equal human beings, is my suggestion. Their quarrel with us is about how we treat them. You can’t keep kicking a dog and then complain that it’s dangling off your throat. We have been kicking this dog for way too long. To all Palestinians reading this: I am not saying you are dogs. I am just using the first allegory that comes to my dog-loving mind.

The Jewish Nation State bill. Ah, yes. After firing the two remaining sane major MKs, Lapid and Livni, Bibi goes and says: “Yall, let’s declare those Gentiles second class citizens and make this a Fourth Reich!”
Yeah, no, that isn’t gonna pour oil on the Palestinians’ blaze, nah, and it’s also totally not gonna alienate the Israeli Arabs, including Christians, Druze, and seculars. Nah, I see no problem with that.

I predict that in 5 years’ time, the Gaza Strip and the Best Wank won’t be the only Arab ghettos. I don’t believe there will be gas chambers, but I do totally count on Israel to cut down resources.

Yeah, 2014 has been a great year for Israel, full of no changes for the better, the usual death toll for both sides, and more chikanery to keep the Arabs pissed. If you are a conservative Zionist and would like things to stay this way, vote Bibi or Lieberman or Bennet NOW!


Police lets minors drink…

26 Sep

Gotta love the police.

This happened in Haifa, Israel.

I just went on an emergency olives shopping spree, because I was all out of olives and in withdrawal. On my way back through a park, I came past 3 Arabic-speaking youth sitting on a bench and drinking whatever it was, and talking.
Suddenly I hear someone yelling at them to “Leave the place now!”
I turn around to see a cop shining a flashlight at them from farther up the hillside park, and repeating his order for them to leave and pick up after themselves.
This seems wrong, so I call over, “Officer?”
He flashes his light right in my face, and I’m like, “Yup, me over here. Question. Since when is it illegal to sit in a public place?”
Cop: “They’re drinking alcohol. It’s illegal to drink in public, and they’re minors! They’re like, 14!”
I look at the 2 girls, all ass and tits and hoed up. “If they’re 14, humanity is lost!”
One of the girls, to her demise, shouted at him, “Yeah idiot, I’m 16!”
The cop is like, “Even worse!”
Me: “Worse to drink at 16 rather than 14, awright!”
Cop: “It’s illegal to drink in public, and it’s illegal for minors to drink period!”
Me: “Okay, so if the booze is the problem, confiscate it; don’t remove kids from a public park they get to be in! If minors with booze is what bothers you and you’re sending them somewhere else WITH it, there will just be minors with booze elsewhere.”
Cop: “As I said, it’s illegal.”
Me: “Yeah well, and they’re gonna illegal someplace else thanks to you. Take the booze and leave them alone!”
Cop: “Miss…”

I realized I was talking to a mouth breather and started to wonder if that flashlight, from that distance, was strong enough to establish that I was indeed a white Jewish female and in no danger of getting shot for my Bulldog looking like a gun or something. I told the kids he was a douchebag, one of them “smart” enough to pass it on to the cop (I’m-16-girl, obviously), and went home.

I successfully fought back the urge to ask if he’d have proceded the same if the kids weren’t Arab. I’ve seen Israeli police selectively protecting and serving according to ethnicity before. Up close, and in the news. Ignoring an Arab girl getting beat up by 2 Arab guys, violently arresting hundreds of Arab persons of interest in a murder case but being all gentle with identified Jewish murderers, etc. This is why I had meddled in the first place. From where that cop had been standing, flashlight or no flashlight, identifying their drinks as alcohol was an impressive feat but you could hear those kids talking very vulgar in Arabic from miles away. They had been sitting in a dark place where someone had to make a detour to get, and there was no light, so who called the cops on them KNOWING they were drinking, when they were out of sight, but not out of earshot? I doubt the alcohol had ever been the real issue. Otherwise it would have been confiscated. If minors aren’t allowed to drink at all, they’re not allowed to drink anywhere and just kicking them out of a public park isn’t enforcing shit. If as a cop, you catch a minor with an illegal substance, do you send him away with it?

And somewhere in Haifa tonight, a woman gets raped, a child gets beaten, or a man gets murdered because 2 cops were busy enforcing the prohibition of alcohol in public by removing the drinkers but not the alcohol, and without enforcing the prohibition of minors drinking altogether, because being petty with Arab kids who don’t know the law for shit, is just so very recreational.
So parents, if you find your kids passed out in your building, it’s because cops only care about removing the sight of drinking minors from the public eye, not the drinking from the minors. Because, you know, I’m against alcohol altogether, and I’m all for protecting minors from it. But this isn’t what happened here. What happened here, was police letting minors get drunk, but not while using their right to sit on a park bench.

Hell no.