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Criticizing Gay Pride Aspects…

22 Jun

…apparently makes me a filthy homophobe.

Anyone who knows me, knows I support the equality movement. I think the LGBT deserve the same civil and human rights, privileges, and burdens, as everyone else. If it can pay taxes, it can marry.

What I do not understand, are 2 phenomena I saw at the Tel Aviv Pride and many other gay events and establishments:

  • Free condoms everywhere
  • A blatant excess in public soft-porn and fetishism, things that belong in private regardless of orientation or occasion.

Condoms are used to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or intrauterine parasites such as babies. HIV is, statistically, rampant among homosexual men. So it makes sense to encourage homosexual men to use condoms. BUT what I don’t get, and what I’m surprised those homosexuals aren’t tremendously offended by, is how thousands of free condoms are thrown at gay people during gay events.

Let me elaborate why this should offend homosexuals. Because it would offend blacks if police were distributing free padlocks to people during a black event. Because the other stereotype about gay men, other than the HIV statistic and effeminate behaviorism, is that they stick it everywhere, uncontrollably, and more promiscuously than a whore on heroin.

Isn’t the distribution of free condoms specifically for gays basically saying:

Here you go, you over-sexed faggots, because you’re such uncontrollable animals that you either weren’t responsible enough to bring your own damned condoms, or you’ll have used them all up by the time you’re halfway through the parade, and also, you are too damned instinct-driven to wait to fuck your partner once you’re back home where your condoms are.

Seriously, what does it say that people feel a need to give free condoms specifically to homosexuals? Doesn’t it imply that unless given the safety for free by a mindful third party, they don’t have the common sense and responsibility to bring their own condoms or take their partner home where there are condoms? When I go out to have fun, I always carry around 4 to 6 condoms. Yeah, I’m a baaaaaaaad girl. LOL.

I know most homosexuals are not like that. But the condom-throwing implies nothing else than the assumption that they can’t be trusted not to screw around without someone else giving them condoms for free.

Then the public fuckery thing… People have accused me of wanting LGBT to stay “invisible and closeted”. This is not true. What is true, is that I don’t understand why LGBT people on such events insist on being given MORE liberties than straight people when it comes to public indecencies. I have nothing against anyone kissing, holding hands, or grabbing a bit of ass in public, but the only difference between some of the stuff I’ve seen at the Pride and full-blown porn is that Pride attendees were still wearing some underwear while crotch-grabbing, leg-licking, and tit-pulling in public. There aren’t a whole lot of “non-LGBT” events where straight people are encouraged or normal to behave like horny animals, (and if I were to ever see one such event where public sex isn’t even the official point of it, I will criticize it as well), so why do the LGBT insist on making such a huge display of a degree of physical affection that is not unacceptable because they’re gay, but because it’s unacceptable from anyone? Isn’t that asking for special treatment rather than equality?

Also, why does an event that allegedly only advocates love, acceptance, tolerance, and inclusion, need to degenerate into public orgies? Is it about showing confidence and self-love (“pride”, though I’d think pride is something you feel for an achievement, not for what you happen to be), or about provoking people by shoving your sex life in their faces? Straight people don’t do it, why do gay people have to? Again, most of the people I saw at the Pride were not behaving like this, just as the condom thing, but the overall impression the Pride was making, was not: “We’re gay and we deserve to belong” but rather “We’re gay, so we can’t stop doing it and you’ll just have to watch”. The only line they didn’t cross, was exposing genitalia. But grabbing them through the pants, suuuure, go right ahead, right here where kids are watching.

Hello – sexuality (being gay) and sex (having gay sex) are not the same. You are always (homo)sexual. You are sexual when you sit on a bench waiting for the bus. It’s your natural state of being when you’re an adult. Now, is the Gay Pride about accepting sexuality (the constant, inherent, being of homo-, bi-, trans-sexual), or about forcing people to deal with sex on the beach, the sidewalk, the coffee shop, etc? Why not just be openly homosexual rather than openly horny, why all this humping-for-the-camera, why all this near-nudity, etc.? It’s not LGBT-specific, so why this combo – straight people also do fetishes, strip clubs, promiscuous mindless fucking, etc. They just don’t take it to the streets but keep their sex lives where they belong – private. It is not “closeted” or “invisible” for gays to do the same. It’s called common fucking decency.

And knowing that most LGBT people do indeed behave even at Pride events, I think these two things are detrimental to the equality movement. Because both of them send the wrong message, the message that LGBT people are all about practical sex all day long, with all that moves. Or else, why the need for free condoms – aren’t they responsible adults who can either bring their own or keep it in their pants? Why the huge display of nudity and grinding crotches?

All my LGBT friends love sex, some like it weird. A gay friend of mine and I had a blast at an erotics convention, but – this is the big but – this convention, with its grinding, nudity, licking, etc. was held behind closed doors so people who wanted no live porn didn’t have to watch any. Seems  reasonable, straight AND gay. And all of them are fully clothed in public and behave like civilized adults. The same goes for all the heterosexuals I know. Why does the definition of “fun” at a Gay Pride Parade need to degenerate into public fuckery, rather than saving that for some private/indoor “after party”? Have your orgies, but not in public. Is all I’m asking.

I accept that you’re gay. I do not accept that I would have to cover my child’s eyes during certain public events. I don’t care if you’re a man sticking it in a woman, or a woman eating another woman, you don’t do that in public, and I don’t care if you think that some parade is your excuse for what boils down to indecent exposure. French-kiss your same- or opposite-sex partner(s) till your tongues fall off, but for anything more than that, get a fucking room.

That said, I think a friend of mine put it wisely when he made a distinction between homosexuals and gay culture. Homosexuals are people who are born homosexual as gingers are born ginger and blacks are born black. Nothing wrong with it, and nothing to do about it. It’s their natural state of being. This needs to be accepted just like blacks, fats, gingers, and short people should be.
However, gay culture is something else. Just as you can be black and not listen to hiphop or throw spears at animals, which are stereotypical black culture things, you can be gay and still wear a bit more than a silver thong. And public displays of affection only need to be tolerated to a certain extent, which is the exact same one as is tolerated from heterosexuals. Just as Islamic culture sees a line drawn at face-obscuring headwear in countries where facial identifiability in public is law, the tolerance for gay culture has no obligation to cover public indecency if straight people are expected to refrain from it. I’m pretty sure you can be gay and happy and not lick your partner’s inner thigh in public. Straight people sure manage.