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2 Sep


Crejaculation (plural Crejaculations)

Creation (the tangible result of a creative process) and Ejaculation (the forcible ejection of semen from the male’s penis due to sexual stimulation, often glorified more by the ejaculator himself, than by the recipient and/or the audience).

    • A creative work the creative, emotional, political, or other value or depth of which, is overrated by the creator and/or their audience or agent
    • A creative work the value of which is overrated by the creator throughout the process of conception and creation, due to the temporary influence of chemical substances such as cocaine, alcohol, or adrenaline
    • A creative work that somehow bought its way into an art gallery despite notably little changes having been made between the acquisition of the materials, and the exhibition of the finished work

Thoughts during a Root Canal

2 Sep

They lay you down, flash a light in your face and shoot water down your mouth whether you like it or not. The noise of the machines blurs your senses.
OMG. Waterboarding. Sensory deprivation. A general concept of helplessness and practice of torture. Scary instruments. This is GUANTAAAAAAAnamo Bay!!!!

As my body lies here broken,
And I’m carried to the light…
-Hollywood Undead
Yeah, as I lie here with my broken teeth and a light is shining in my face, I feel like SCAVA was written for me, including the “Just let me die!” part.

The drilling and sledgehammering of the construction workers outside isn’t helping.

Last time a guy bent over me this close, he kissed me, not shot a fluid up a to-be root canal. Actually I’m not even thinking of the actual last guy to lean in and kiss me, which was my brother, but of the third-to-last guy AND OH MY GOD I MISS HIM SO MUCH.

Poor Bluefur to watch her sister get hit by a car just after she’d had a kitten, and now Bluefur’s blaming herself, and what about Snowfur’s orphaned kitten?

Oh God I just remembered something funny, I think I’m gonna shake with laughter and get that needle up my gums, my cat died, my cat died, my cat died, my cat died…

…I think I have ADHD. Salad.